Hepcinat LP

hepcinat lp


Hepcinat-LP Natco is a medicine which is an anti-viral medicine and always prescribed in combination with Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir. Hepcinat-LP Natco is used to treat Chronic Hepatitis C virus infection genotype 1. Hepcinat-LP price India will vary if you buy it online. Hepcinat-LP buy online and you can get the medicine at cheaper rate. Hepticin-LP is prescribed always with Ledipasvir (90mg), a viral NS5A inhibitor and Sofosbuvir (400mg), a neucleotide inhibitor.


  • Manufacturer: Natco Pharma
  • Indian Brand: Hepcinat-LP
  • International Brand: Harvoni
  • Active Ingredients: Ledipasvir, Sofosbuvir
  • Dosage Form: Tablets
  • Strength: 90mg+400mg
  • Package Size: Plastic Bottle
  • Indication: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
  • Expiry: Maximum 2 years

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Essential Features:

The essential features of Hepcinat-LP Natco are as follows:

  •  Works faster
  • Packaging maintains safety
  • Accurately formulated

Dosage and Administration

Hepnicat-LP is a medicine that can only be delivered under the strict supervision of expert Hepatologist. Let’s see the details of the dosage of this medicine:

  • This medicine can only be takes by adults over 18 years.
  • You can have just one medicine per day.
  • This is an oral medicine which you can take with a full glass of water.
  • Keep a gap of 24 hours between each taking of the medicines.
  • You should take the medicine same time each day.
  • The length of treatment may vary from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.
  • Unless you get any instruction from your doctor, don’t stop having other anti-viral medications with Hepnicat-LP
  • Never go for any self diagnosis of stopping the medicine or skipping any dosage.

This medicine is not over-the counter medicine. You have to produce proper prescription to buy it.