Placentrex Injection

Placentrex Injection
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Brand Name:  Placentrex Injection
Contents: Human Placenta 100mg
Manufactured By:  Albert David
Packing: 2ml Ampoule

Placentrex Injection : Human placenta extracts Injection>

Placentrex injection is an aqueous extract of fresh term, healthy human placenta. Placentrex Injection, manufactured by Albert David Limited, India, is an extract of fresh term healthy human Placenta tissues. Due to its various components it exerts antioxidant property and anti-inflammatory action, which improves healing. It activates tissue repair and facilitates wound healing by releasing growth factor & immune mechanisms. Clinical responses, obtained by specialists of different branches of medicine, showed that Placetrex Injection has wide range of therapeutic application in different diseases, especially in case where immunity is lowered. Raw material for this medicine is abundantly available in the country.

The down stream process of extraction, which is thoroughly standardized & lately patented (Patent No. 199209 dated 12.05.2006) process, is an outcome of several years of very intelligent and dedicated research work of Company Scientists. It is a very carefully thought-out and well-crafted process leading to extraction of a complex mixture of bio-molecules, which are clinically proven to possess defined therapeutic properties/applications.

Placentrex is demonstrated to contain naturally solubilised and auto-hydrolyzed fragments of large bio-molecules like proteins, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) etc. under varied temperature conditions of extraction process. This manufacturing process of Placenta extract has since been practiced with a very high degree of precision and accuracy for a period of more than five decades now to produce a highly standardized product with a very high degree of consistency and reproducibility.

Over the time, many critical components of the product like amino acids, nucleotides, protein fragments have been analyzed using modern analytical tools e.g. HPLC, Gel-electrophoresis, PAGE analysis & Weston Blot and associated bio-chemical methods. The extract is found to contain amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, oligo- and poly-nucleotides of both DNA & RNA origin which are quantitatively established using HPLC methods. Extensive Biological screening showed that ‘Placentrex’ contains biologically active NADPH that stimulates the nitric oxide mediated wound healing of tissue.On ageing skin, NADPH improves the surface structure of the skin, shows a wrinkle-smoothing effect and has an inhibitory effect on photo-carcinogenesis. In addition, beneficial effects on epidermal function have also been documented.

It is established that nitric oxide (NO) has multiple effects in wound healing at the molecular, cellular and physiological level. It promotes inflammatory mediation of repair mechanism and wound matrix development followed by remodeling. NO mediated cellular signaling possibly enhances wound repair by increasing tissue oxygen availability through angiogenesis.
Mass spectrometry analysis of a peptide showed its molecular mass to be approximately 7.4 kDa and a 16 amino acid sequence that was identical with human fibronectin Type III.